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We keep on updating new products on our website daily. You can place an order on our website freely. If you have any queries or couldn't find the products you are looking for online, you can contact us at our number +61 480 162 221 or email us at sales@acheronmedical.com.au. We are always here to assist you with your order.

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Our high-quality instruments are the core products of our sheer work experience and industry knowledge. To improve our customer's buying experience, we at Acheron instruments are working relentlessly to get our extensive range of medical and dental products/tools onto our website. We are striving to persist in providing quality dental products and present them with up-to-date, complete, and righteous information to maintain customer satisfaction and ease of buying.

There might be fewer SKUs of some brands as we keep on adding our growing list of products. But, Fret not, as these products will become available online slowly but surely!

You will conveniently find out the brands/ products available on our website already, which will be available sooner or products/brands we are working on.

If you don't find a certain product that you aim at purchasing online, you can readily contact our friendly customer service.

Delivering the Exceptional

Outstanding value

Acheron Medical is committed to offering you the best and most reasonable prices across our entire range of products. Our highly qualified professional staff ensures providing up-to-date and the best advice to our customers regarding the current industry trends.

Phenomenal products range

Acheron Medical has an exceptional range of products that is vast enough to include the major global brands comprising around 15,000 items/products. We value our esteemed customer's requirements regarding equipment, material, or instruments and got you covered with all you need!

Incredible service

We are always there for our valued customers. You won't be disappointed with our technical service team, knowledgeable territory managers, and friendly customer service team to be at your service available Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.

AcheronMedical share’s more than just a passion for dentistry, we care about delivering on our customer’s needs through our core values of transparency, accountability, integrity, and service excellence. We represent many of the world’s leading manufacturers and offer an extensive range of dental materials, consumable products, instruments and equipment sourced either here in Australia or abroad. Our experienced and dedicated customer service, sales and technical teams have provided support to the Australian Dental profession for over 45 years.

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