Our professional journey began decades ago and has successfully become a symbol of innovation, excellence, and reliability for medical practitioners across the globe. We are dedicated to excellence and innovation in the craft of dental surgical instruments. At Acheron Medical, we ensure that our products are crafted with the help of advanced technology and highly qualified technicians by strictly following the standard guidelines set by the FDA and ISO 13485 certifications. We monitor the manufacturing of each product at every level to provide our customers with the best quality products. We specialize in providing a broader range of dental products including forceps, articulators, bone elevators, dental tweezers, etc.

Quality manufacturing

Our process of manufacturing dental instruments is embedded with topmost quality. We ensure that every product is a result of proper knowledge of instrument specification, working knowledge of surgeon's art, and leading quality assurance programs of the industry. We acquire high-grade German stainless steel for manufacturing durable, rust-proof, and lightweight instruments. To ensure client satisfaction, each product goes through a detailed and long process of several quality checks.

Lifetime warranty

Acheron Medical commits to a lifetime guarantee of their products for manufacturing defects of workmanship and material. However, this guarantee is void if the instruments are not used for their intended purpose or kept/ maintained properly as required.


The world is constantly evolving daily. There is often difficulty faced by people dealing with a new phenomenon. When it comes to dental or surgical procedures, we ensure that you don't have to compromise on what equipment you want. If you can't find a precise instrument for your dental procedure, we will manufacture the one for you.

Delivery service

When products go from one dealer to another, they end up getting a little too expensive. To save yourself from paying hundreds and thousands of bucks, the best choice is to order directly from the company at reasonable rates. You can order your desired dental instrument from our website which has a user-friendly interface so that you don't have to go through any hassle. Our delivery service is super fast and efficient.

Contact us

Your words mean a lot to us and we are here to answer all your queries, and requirements and listen to your feedback. You can contact us through email or the contact number that is given below: